Iodination Facility

Iodination involves the use of relatively high concentrations of I-125 or I-131 Sodium Iodide which is known to be volatile in air and readily absorbed by the thyroid gland if inhaled or absorbed internally. Uncapped vials of I-125 and laboratory contamination with I-125 may potentially lead to uptake in the thyroid gland and extra precautions are necessary above and beyond the normal Standard Operating Procedures for Unsealed Sources. It is estimated that the absorption of 1.0 microcurie of I-125 in the thyroid gland produces a dose of 5 Rad. 

In order to comply with environmental regulations by minimizing all radioactive discharges, an activated charcoal hood designed to trap radioactive iodine was installed for use by investigators. The room is also equipped with a state-of-the-art gamma counter for samples counting at the convenience of the investigator.


The Iodination Core Laboratory will be available for researchers using I-125, I-131, and PET isotopes. He dedicated equipment includes a shielded fume hood rated for iodination, two L-blocks, lead cave, and Atom Lab 500 Dose Calibrator with well counter.

A dedicated, secure hood rated for iodination purposes for use by licensed investigators at no charge.


This facility is located in BRB 16th floor and open to researchers 24/7 after initial training in procedure and equipment completed.  For training and access please sign-up through iLabs.  For more information contact Mike Zgaljardic or Chris Saganich; 646-962-4567.

Contact Information

Core Contact: Michael Zgaljardic and Chris Saganich


Phone: 646-962-4567

Lab Hours

After initial training:

24/7 Access