The Weill Cornell Medicine Institutional Review Board (WCM-IRB) is an appropriately constituted group whose primary responsibility is to ensure that the rights and welfare of human subjects in research are protected.  In doing so, the IRB must ensure all human subject research activities are conducted ethically, and in compliance with Federal regulations, the requirements of applicable New York State and local laws, and institutional policies and procedures. In accordance with the Common Rule and FDA regulations, the IRB has responsibility for approving, modifying, and/or disapproving human subject research. The IRB also has the authority to suspend or terminate research in order to protect research subjects and for noncompliance with applicable rules and regulations.

The WCM-IRB spans across 5 committees that review different areas of research and submission types:

  • General Expedited IRB, which reviews expedited submissions for General/Non-cancer research, as well as exempt studies
    General IRBs 1 and 2, which review submissions requiring a convened full board review for General/Non-cancer research
  • Cancer IRBs 1 and 2, which review both expedited submissions and submissions that require a convened full board review for all cancer research, as well as exempt studies
The WCM-IRB is registered with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) under federal wide assurance number FWA00000093 (expiration date: October 1st, 2026)

The WCM Statement of IRB Compliance, which includes FWA and IRB registration numbers for the WCM IRBs, is available here