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The IRB website has been renovated and is now live!

We have recently created a more expanded website to provide our community with more information on the IRB as well as to provide helpful information to Research Teams who are engaged in Human Subjects Research. This will allow you to visit us online when you need immediate answers to frequently asked questions, or to request a consult with our IRB Navigators!

Please visit us at and see for yourself

The WCM IRB will re-open to new submissions!

Executive Director Melissa Epstein recently sent out an announcement about the extension of BRANYplus through this summer and the reopening of the WCM IRB to new submissions on June 6th.  If you missed the announcement, please read it here.

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Did you know…?

Email encryption is the safest way to send emails containing confidential information or data.  For Investigators and Research Teams, this is especially important as remote work becomes increasingly ubiquitous.  It is WCM Institutional Policy that all employees and staff utilize email encryption to secure confidential data.

Encrypting your email is as easy as adding “#encrypt” at the beginning of the subject line in your email, either on your desktop application or on your mobile device.  The recipient will receive a notification that there is a message waiting for them, with instructions on how to retrieve that message. 

For screenshots and detailed instructionsplease read the WCM ITS guide on How To Encrypt Your Email

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IRB Meetings & Submission Deadlines

The IRB Meeting Schedule for our Cancer and General Boards is now available on our website.  Please navigate to the IRB Committees & Meetings page, then click on “IRB Meeting Schedule” to access the document. Listed are each board’s schedules, as well as the submission deadline data.  Please note that the deadline for complete* submissions is 3 weeks (21 calendar days) prior to the applicable Board’s meeting date.  

*As determined by the IRB staff, a complete submission is one that has been vetted by our analysts and deemed ready to be assigned to an IRB member for review.

IRB Determinations: Modifications Required

When modifications are required following a convened board meeting, the IRB will specify whether "directive modifications" or "substantive modifications" are required.  

This is simply a wording change - directive modifications were previously referred to as "mods" and substantive modifications were previously referred to as "deferred."  The action you take in response to each will remain the same as before; there is no procedural change for you.

This updated wording will be included in all correspondence following the meeting; however, WRG may not reflect these changes immediately.

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Ravji Parmar

IRB Analyst
Cancer Board Team

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