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Indirect Costs & Fringe Benefit Rates

Indirect Cost Rates - Federal Grants & Contracts

On Campus 69.5%69.5%
Westchester Division 44%44%
Off-Campus 26%26%

Date of most recent DHHS indirect cost rate agreement: 06/30/2020
Use the FY2021 rates for budgets with end dates past 6/30/2020 until amended

Indirect Cost Rates- Non-Federal Grants & Contracts

Non-federal agencies or foundationsFederal rate or rate published by agency if less than Federal rate

Indirect Cost Rates- Agreements with Industry 

Industry Sponsored Research69.5%
Service Agreements69.5%
Clinical Trials35.0%

Fringe Benefit Rates



Faculty and Staff (Federal, State and Private grants & contracts)29.5%30.5%
Faculty and Staff (all others including industry grants & contracts)33.2%34.2%
Postdoc Stipends23%22.5%
NRSA Postdoc Stipends+0%0%
Temporary Employees9%9%

Use the 2021 rates for future years, until amended.

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