Indirect Cost Rates - Federal Grants & Contracts

On Campus 69.5%69.5%
Westchester Division 44%44%
Off-Campus 26%26%

Date of most recent DHHS indirect cost rate agreement: 10/28/22

FY24 DHHS Rate Agreement pending signature.

Cognizant Federal Agency Contact:

Louis Martillotti
Department of Health and Human Services
Federal Plaza, Room 41-122
New York, NY 10278
212 264 0918

Indirect Cost Rates- Non-Federal Grants & Contracts

Non-federal agencies or foundationsFederal rate or rate published by agency if less than Federal rate

Indirect Cost Rates- Agreements with Industry 

Industry Sponsored Research69.5%
Service Agreements69.5%
Clinical Trials35.0%

Fringe Benefit Rates



Faculty and Staff (Federal, State and Private grants & contracts)31.5% 32.5%
Faculty and Staff (all others including industry grants & contracts)35.2%36.2%
Postdoc Stipends24%25%
NRSA Postdoc Stipends+0%0%
Temporary Employees9.75%9.75%

Use the 2024 rates for future years, until amended.

See the latest NRSA Postdoctoral stipends and training related expenses.

Office of Sponsored Research Administration

1300 York Avenue
New York, NY 10065
(646) 962-8290