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All forms can be viewed and printed as PDF documents (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

If you need help completing forms contact the Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA).

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Addendum to Outside Consulting AgreementOutside Consulting Agreements are considered to be personal arrangements between the WCM faculty member and the Company. WCM University Counsel requires this non-negotiable Addendum be signed by the Company and incorporated into the faculty member’s Outside Consulting Agreement.Adobe PDF
Advance Account Request FormAs described in the form, this is for new and competing grants where an award notice is pending release from the Sponsor or processing is otherwise delayed. Submit request to initiate the set-up of a new account in order to commence work and allocate expenditures appropriately. Advanced accounts can only remain active for 90 days from the budget period start date.Adobe PDF
Annual Compliance ChecklistThis form is required annually for all non‐competitive award years that do not require a formal progress report or signed subaward amendment.PDF icon Adobe PDF
Budget Template - OSRA
OSRA's Standard Budget Template establishes a uniform model for use across all sponsored research funding. Use of this template will greatly assist OSRA as they review budgets and create accounts in SAP.

File Microsoft Excel
Carryover Request Template Letter Microsoft Word

Confidentiality Agreements 

Template A: Outside Entity to Faculty/Investigator CDA

Template B: Cornell to Outside Entity CDA

Template A: This template should be used when the sponsor of a potential study is providing confidential information to a WCM scientist/investigator. 

Template B: This is template should be used when a WCM scientist/investigator is providing confidential information to a potential sponsor.
Microsoft Word
Consulting Agreement Template
A consulting agreement is required for consulting services budgeted on a sponsored project. The attached agreement is a non-negotiable template to be signed by individuals outside WCM with the role of consultant on a funded sponsored project.
Microsoft Office document icon Microsoft Word
DHHS Rate AgreementPDF icon Adobe PDF
Dissemination Plan TemplateThis template should be used by investigators submitting a human subjects/clinical trial proposal to NIH using Forms F.File Microsoft Word
Effort Reduction TemplateFor all grants where an effort reduction approval is being requested from the Sponsor. For NIH, effort reductions greater than 25% should be submitted for key personnel named in the Notice of Award. For subawards and other Sponsors, follow the prime/sponsor agreement or notice of award guidelines.Microsoft Word
Foreign Exchange Risk Acceptance This form must be completed for any sponsored agreements with foreign sponsors that require the funding remain in a foreign currency.Adobe PDF
Human Subjects Protection Training Verification FormThe Human Subjects Protection Training form is completed to confirm that all WCM key personnel listed on a sponsored research project have completed the CITI "Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel Course" web-based training.Adobe PDF
Incoming Transfer Checklist

The incoming transfer checklist should be completed for all incoming faculty that will be transferring any award from their prior institution to WCM. Complete a separate checklist for each award transferring and submit to the Office of Sponsored Research in order to initiate the change of grantee application process.

Adobe PDF
Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) - Simple Letter Agreement (SLA)Microsoft Word
First No Cost Extension Request FormThis form should be completed for active grants that have the authority to request a one-time no cost extension without sponsor approval.Adobe PDF
No Cost Extension Letter Template This letter template can be utilized for all no cost extension requests that require prior approval from the sponsor.Microsoft Office document icon Microsoft Word
Other Support ChecklistInternal other support checklist to aid departments and faculty in the completion of the new NIH other support template.File Microsoft Excel
Outgoing Transfer TrackerThe outgoing transfer tracker should be utilized by department staff when an investigator transfers from WCMC to another institution and requests continued support for a previously approved project at the new location.File Microsoft Excel
Request for Reduction in Indirect CostsWeill Cornell Medicine’s policy is that sponsors of research cover all costs of the project, direct and indirect. WCM’s indirect cost rate per our federal agreement is 69.5%. Complete this form to submit a request for consideration of an exception to the rate specified in the policy.PDF icon Adobe PDF
Scope of Work Form
If a sponsored research project’s scope of work will involve any existing intellectual property and/or is likely to generate intellectual property, please indicate the details on the Scope of Work form. This form should not be used for subawards and consortiums where a scope of work is required.
Adobe PDF
Statement of Intent to Establish a Consortium AgreementA statement of intent form is required for all subcontract sites participating on a WCM grant application. Please have the form completed and signed by your collaborator's central business office.Adobe PDF
Subrecipient Profile QuestionnaireAdobe PDF
W-9 FormAdobe PDF
WBS Element Request FormThe purpose of this form is to ensure that all WBS elements (for new, competing and supplemental applications) are created with the appropriate levels of SAP access.Adobe PDF

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