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Do you know about our training?

The Human Research Compliance team offers quarterly trainings via Zoom! The next training is scheduled for:

Thursday, May 5th, 2022
1:30pm – 3:00pm
Registration Required to Attend
Register here with WCM email address

Topics to be covered:

  • Overview of federal regulations, NIH policy, and journal requirements
  • How to properly register and maintain a record
  • Results entry overview
  • Questions and Answers

Future dates:

  • August 4, 2022
  • November 3, 2022

Unable to make the regularly scheduled training? Email us with your training or help request or view a video of a prior training here.  You can always visit our website for more information.

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Change is good.

This is what we have been telling ourselves as we begin to implement new policies and procedures designed to facilitate the submission-to-approval process. Kudos to our analysts, who have been focused on clearing the backlog of applications while also learning and acclimating to all the changes happening behind the scenes.

Kudos also to all of you, who have provided us with the feedback we needed to start creating change.  Your input has been invaluable and while we have focused primarily on internal processes, we hope you will begin to see the benefits of these changes soon!

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Policies are here!

The Office of Human Research Compliance (HRC) is pleased to deliver our first batch of policy documents. HRC is working on policies to improve transparency and clarify expectations between the IRB and the research community. Policies allow for common reference point for all stakeholders engaged in human research at WCM and from these policies, HRC will be publishing guidance documents to further clarify best practices for ethical conduct of research. HRC will be releasing several more policies in the coming months and please note that these policies are living documents that will be revised regularly to ensure that they not only reflect any updates to IRB processes, but also to ensure that they reflect processes the support successful conduct of ethical research.

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Staff photo_Ordax

Staff photo_Balem

Jessica Ordax

Sr. IRB Analyst
General Board

Kelly Ann Balem, RN, CPN

Sr. Human Research Compliance Specialist
IRB Regulatory Compliance Team

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