1. Incoming Faculty (Principal Investigator transferring to WCMC from another organization)


New faculty researchers transferring to WCMC with existing grants will work with their former institutions (i.e., relinquishing institution) along with their WCMC department administration and OSRA staff (i.e., new grantee institution) to transfer their grants and contracts to WCMC. PIs should bear in mind that awards are made to the Institution, not directly to the PI; therefore the relinquishing institution must agree to transfer grants if/when the PI relocates to a new Institution. The responsibility matrix below explains who is responsible for initiating the grant transfer from the prime institution to WCMC:

The PI Grant Transfer Checklist TO WCMC should be completed by the WCMC department in coordination with the incoming PI to ensure that no steps are missed in the grant transfer/grant relinquishing process. Completion and submission of the form to OSRA will facilitate the grant transfer process.


2. Outgoing Faculty (Principal Investigator relocating from WCMC to another organization)


When an investigator transfers from WCMC to another institution and requests continued support for a previously approved project at the new location, the sponsor determines what is required to accomplish this. NIH is the only federal agency that has explicit forms and instructions for the transfer process. NSF has a similar, more general process, and corporations and foundations have their own procedures. As always, anyone wishing to transfer a grant should check with the appropriate OSRA Grants Specialist to be sure the transfer is performed correctly.

To initiate the process, PI and Department staff should discuss the plan for each active award and provide the assigned OSRA Senior Grants Specialist the PI Grants Transfer Tracker. The OSRA Specialist will verify what steps are needed and support the process until completion. It is critical for this to be initiate in a timely manner to ensure minimal gap in funding at the new institution and proper closeout of the award at WCMC.


Transfer of NIH Grant to Another Institution


For more information regarding the transfer of an NIH grant to another institution, please see the NIH Grants Policy Statement Change of Recipient Organization

For more information regarding the transfer of an NSF grant to another institution, please see the NSF Grant Policy Manual 312.8 Disposition of a Grant When a PI/PD Transfers from One Organization to Another Organization.

For all other grants, please contact your OSRA Grants Specialist who will guide your transfer process.

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