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Overview of Services

The Advanced Biomolecular Analysis Core (ABAC) provides cutting-edge and novel proteomic methods along with powerful new technologies for mass spectrometric imaging of biological samples and high throughput metabolomics. The core provides opportunities for adopting emerging methods and developing entirely novel ones. We are dedicated to furthering the reach and accuracy of analytical methods and to sharing our expertise with the WCMC community.

Our services fall into three main categories:

1. Advanced and Custom Proteomics, including PTM analysis, quantitative protein interactions via AP-MS and/or proximity labeling, multiplexed protein abundance profiling.

2. Mass spectrometric MALDI imaging of tissue lipids, peptides, and metabolites.

3. Targeted quantitative LC-MS analysis of small molecules and peptides, including low- and high-throughput applications.


All service requests require prior consultation with core personnel.

For MALDI imaging services, contact Qiuying Chen. For all other services, contact Noah Dephoure.


Noah Dephoure, PhD - ABAC Director                                                          Qiuying Chen, PhD            

Noah Dephoure, PhD


Qiuying Chen, PhD


Location and hours of operation

Location Hours

413 East 69th Street 


New York, NY 10021

*core equipment is located in multiple spaces on the 15th and 16th floors of the Belfer Research Building

 Monday - Friday

 10 AM - 5 PM

Our newest arrival!

We recently received a new Bruker timsTOF Pro 2

The Bruker timsTOF Pro 2, a monster DIA proteomics machine.