Education & Training in Research Administration (ETRA)

ETRA: Education and Training in Research Administration

 Weill Cornell Medicine is dedicated to cutting-edge biomedical research, with the goal of integrating our groundbreaking discoveries into advanced patient care. Weill Cornell Medicine research administrators contribute every day to make that a reality.

Education and Training in Research Administration (ETRA) is a new office at Weill Cornell Research led by Adam Garriga, Chief Administrative Officer of Research. ETRA is dedicated to bring learning opportunties to support to research administrators in the complex environment of research administration. Education and training are the cornerstones for professional development and excellence at work.  ETRA offers comprehensive educational programs integrating critical information, strengthening one’s knowledge and skills, and providing useful tools. The educational programs offer by ETRA will provide higher visibility to existing trainings and guides from the central offices of Weill Cornell Medicine Research such as OSRA (Office of Sponsored Research Administration), IRB office (Institutional Review Board), CTSC (Clinical and Translational Science Center), JCTO (Joint Clinical Trials Office), IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committe), RARC (Research Animal Resource Center) and the Finance Department. ETRA acts as a connective matrix between WCM central offices to support the success of research administrators, faculty and post doctorates in the administration of research.

E2RA: Educational Program for Research Administrators at Weill Cornell Medicine

E2RA, which stands for Education & Excellence for Research Administrators is the first educational program in Research Administration that was launched at Weill Cornell Medicine in the Spring 2016. The E2RA course is an incredible opportunity for professional development in Research Administration at Weill Cornell Medicine.

E2RA Objectives:

  • To provide a comprehensive presentation of essential responsibilities related to grants that fall under research administrators’ preview, from pre-award to post award.
  • To offer a robust understanding of how administrative responsibilities should be handled at WCM and a hands-on practice of real cases situations.
  • To allow research administrators to acquire the knowledge and the skills they need to excel in their responsibilities.
  • To contribute to increase autonomy and confidence of research administrators at work.
  • To be a platform for excellence among research administrators, who ultimately provide a better support to their PIs.
  • To be a unique opportunity for professional development for both new and seasoned research administrators who want to expand their responsibilities to an additional field of research administration.
  • To reward participants who attend and participate to all E2RA sessions with the E2RA Certificate of Completion  that is given during the E2RA final ceremony.
E2RA Course:
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ETRA Elective Modules:
ETRA Helpful Documents
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