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Weill Cornell Medicine scientists target some of the most formidable health challenges of the 21st century, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, diseases affecting children, and infectious diseases, especially those with significant impact on the developing world.

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Research Services
Funding Opportunities
Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) offers a variety of external and internal funding opportunities, including open and limited submission grants.
Weill Research Gateway
The Weill Research Gateway (WRG) streamlines the research administration process by replacing multiple legacy systems with one consolidated online portal.
Writing & Submitting a Grant Proposal
WCM offers intensive proposal preparation and general grant editing programs as well as writing resources to support researchers and review grants prior to submission.
Research Concierge
Establish a research website, set up VIVO, share reagents, equipment and data, and more.
Professional Development & Mentoring
Discover training and support for research administrators as well as faculty development resources.
  • Julie Blander
    Julie Magarian Blander, Ph.D.
    Gladys and Roland Harriman Professor of Immunology in Medicine

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    WCM COVID-19 Research Grant

    Dr. Julie Magarian Blander (Gladys and Roland Harriman Professor of Immunology in Medicine) received a $100,000 WCM COVID-19 Research Grant for her study entitled, "A T cell Biomarker for Protective COVID-19 Immunity."