Limited Submission Grant Process


Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) receives invitations from federal and non-federal agencies to apply for various special grants. These programs are different in that the number of applicants per institution is limited – Limited Submission Grants. In some cases, the institution is defined as WCM and in others as Cornell University, including Weill Cornell. In order to accommodate this requirement, internal (WCM) nominations are reviewed by the Research Awards Committee (RAC) to select the most competitive applications for a given award. For nominations shared with Cornell-Ithaca, the top applications from the two campuses – as identified by the respective RACs – are reviewed to determine the overall institutional nominee(s). The entire review process is confidential and an established conflict of interest policy is enforced for the committee members.

Review Committee

RAC members are appointed by the Dean for a term of up to 3 years. The members’ terms are conferred and concluded on a staggered basis to ensure continuity and seamless transition within the Committee. The RAC members are selected to represent a diverse group of accomplished WCM investigators across different scientific disciplines and at various stages of career development.  

Review Process

  1. Upon receipt of an invitation, a broadcast message is sent to the WCM community. The announcement includes a description of the application requirements and sets forth the deadline for the receipt of internal nominations for institutional review.
  2. Nominations are requested in electronic format. For nominations involving Ithaca, the WCM deadline for submission may be earlier than the Cornell University deadline.
  3. Nominees are strongly advised to consult with Florencia Marcucci  at the Research Dean’s office regarding their eligibility and application for a given award. This is to ensure that the faculty does not spend time on submissions that will not meet the requirements.
  4. The RAC’s deliberations address the nominations’ strengths and weaknesses in relation to the specific award requirements. The RAC recommends only the strongest and most appropriate proposals to apply for programs.
  5. Candidates are notified, as soon as possible, of the Committee’s decision regarding their specific application.
  6. Selected candidates prepare full applications that are routed through their departments and OSRA. In addition, the Assistant Dean for Research will work with the nominees, as needed, to provide guidance on the preparation of the final application, including any feedback from the Committee intended to further strengthen the research proposal, and to prepare candidates for in person interviews and/or presentations.

If you have any questions about the Limited Submission Grants or the application process, please contact Florencia Marcucci Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Research.

The Research Dean’s Office, in collaboration with OSRA, has developed a calendar of anticipated award announcement dates, and will inform the WCM faculty about the upcoming standing opportunities a month before the official release date. This is to provide sufficient time for the development and the review of sound applications, and to ensure the submission of highly competitive proposals from WCM to the various special programs.