Find a Collaborator

Are you in the process of writing a grant proposal? Does the science depend on your collaboration with scientists who have specialized experience?

Perhaps you are writing the scope of work for an investigator-initiated clinical trial and you need to devise a team of physician-scientists to oversee patient enrollment activities?

Maybe you have completed your research experiments and the research team is missing an expert to employ the use of highly sophisticated and innovative statistical techniques? 

The find a collaborator tool utilizes the search feature in VIVO to find Cornell researchers at all career stages, departments, courses, grants and publications. The VIVO search tool streamlines the process to find a collaborator after simply entering key words in the search box.


As illustrated below:




  • For example, after typing in the keywords “prostate cancer” in the search box, the following is an example of the search results produced and broken down by the number of people, activities, events, organizations and research.


  • By clicking on “people”, a list of faculty involved in “prostate cancer” research will appear in the search results and will be broken down by people based on academic rank within the Cornell University network.