Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) is committed to overseeing the conduct of research in a manner that ensures the integrity of the research process and maintains the public trust and that of sponsors in the integrity and credibility of its faculty, its staff, and its research programs. This commitment requires WCM to ensure that there is no reasonable expectation that research results are biased by the external commitments and financial interests of persons who are responsible for the design, conduct, reporting, or direct administration of university research. Such individuals are, for the purposes of this policy, referred to as "research personnel." Research, for the purpose of this policy, includes all sponsored projects, including research and extension, and all non-sponsored university research.

These policies identify and address the real or apparent financial conflicts of interest presented by the intersection of research activities and personal financial interests, and defines the requirements of all research personnel to ensure that those activities are conducted objectively and without consideration of personal financial gain.

Further, there are other university policies that may relate to your external acitvities. Such policies are also listed on this page.

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