Institutional Biorepository

The Institutional Biorepository Core (IBC) was launched in 2017 to provide Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) investigators with a mechanism to attain high-quality human biospecimens for their research needs.

The overarching goal of the core is to facilitate basic, translational, and clinical research.

• Cross-departmental center supporting all phases of human biospecimen acquisition, analysis, and distribution 

• Centralized services for collection, processing, storage, and distribution of solid and liquid biospecimens

• Provision of downstream processing and analytic services

• Investigator consultation and guidance


Solid Tissue Acquisition and Processing

Biorepository staff provides rapid solid tissue collection from the operating rooms and clinical procedure suites at WCM/NYP main campus or nearby clinics. The core has a designated Pathologists’ Assistant for expedited tissue triage, distribution and/or processing.

Biofluid Processing

Biofluids are processed for a wide variety of derivatives through the biorepository’s fractionation and isolation services, including BSL-2 enhanced services for infectious disease specimens.

Biospecimen Storage

The Biorepository offers fail-safe redundancy, temperature-monitored and regulatory compliant sample storage services for the following environments: controlled RT, 4°C, -20°C, -80°C, and LN2 (vapor and liquid).

Please inquire for more information about customizable solid tissue and biofluid services and the fees associated with them.

Contact Information

Maria T. Salpietro
Director, Institutional Biorepository Core
(212) 746-6684 

1300 York Avenue, 3rd floor, Room B-320 

Contact Information

Core Contact: Maria T. Salpietro


Phone: (212) 746-6684