Radioisotope Sample Counting

The radiation counting core is equipped with instruments used for the detection and analysis of alpha (>4MeV), beta, and gamma radioactive materials.  The equipment can quantify the amount and type of radioactive materials in samples over a wide range of activity levels for various research and regulatory applications.


Gamma Counter: Wizard 2 Gamma Counter is an automatic gamma counter designed for detecting and measuring gamma radiation. Up to 500 samples can be measures automatically with sample volumes up to 20ml.  A 2000 channel high resolution multichannel analyzer (up to 1000 keV) is sufficient for multi-label, RIA, IEMA, chromium release, and PET applications.

Liquid Scintillation Counter:  PerkinElmer Tri-carb 2910 TR Liquid Scintillation Counter is a computer controlled benchtop liquid scintillation analyzer for detecting small amounts of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity. The system can automatically detect up to 400 20ml or 700 4 to 7 ml sample vials


The counting core is located in BRB basement and is available to researchers 24/7 after initial training in procedures and equipment.  For training and access please sign-up through iLabs.  For more information contact Mike Zgaljardic or Chris Saganich; 646-962-4567.

Contact Information

Core Contact: Michael Zgaljardic and Chris Saganich


Phone: 646-962-4567

Lab Hours

After initial training:

24/7 Access