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E2RA Course

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What is E2RA?

E2RA = Education & Excellence for Research Administrators.

E2RA is an amazing educational program on grants administration. 

It covers essential aspects of research administration related to Pre-Award & Compliance (overview of human subjects research and research compliance at large) and Post Award administration of grants.  The course supports research administrators, research managers and anyone who wants/needs to broaden and deepen their knowledge and their portfolio of skills related to grants administration, about the processes and systems we use at WCM for Pre-Award and Post Award administration and also about the best practices to follow at WCM.

The E2RA course is a fantastic learning platform for professional development in Research Administration at Weill Cornell Medicine that was first launched in the Spring 2016.


And you know what's the GREAT NEWS?

The E2RA Summer 2021 course is open for enrollment! Scroll down for more info and details!


E2RA Curriculum: what are the topics covered during the course? 

The E2RA course covers two modules:

1/The Pre-Award & Compliance module: All about building up a grant + a budget + all about research compliance 

2/ The Post-Award module: all about managing a grant once awarded, from setting up a WBS, placing shopping carts, knowing when to request approval for effort variation, all the way to RPPR and FFR.

ALL details about the curriculum for E2RA Summer 2021 can be found here: PDF iconPDF icon next_e2ra_course-curriculum_and_schedule-summer_2021.pdf

Fundamentals E2RA course vs Advanced E2RA Course: What are the differences?

The E2RA course is offered in two great options: 

 Fundamentals E2RA course : If you want to get a detailed overview of grants administration from cradle to grave, + know all about research sponsors, grants application process, compliance, and post award management of awards + so much more, then the Fundamentals E2RA course is your go-to option. The Fundamentals E2RA course represents a time commitment of typically 1 E2RA session per week.

* Advanced E2RA course : If you want to get the detailed overview from the E2RA Fundamentals course + dive deep into complex budgets + know all about IACUC animal use protocol approval process + IRB human protocols approval process + calculations for Change of Funding and ADR + best practice for financial management of accounts, then the Advanced E2RA course is for you. The E2RA Advanced Course includes all the E2RA Fundamentals course sessions + all additional Advanced E2RA sessions that typically represent one session of 2 hours every other week. 

What can you expect from the E2RA course? 
(Only good stuff!)

  • You will enrich your knowledge and skills relevant to grants administration from application to management of awards and also specifics to the processes at WCM regarding grants administration 
  • You will get the knowledge and skills that will help you to know what to do when they have a specific administration task to perform and where to find easily the information they need or the people they need for additional help.
  • You will get a bigger picture of a process relevant to grants administration and to be better at anticipating the role they play/will play in that process.
  • You will be exposed to a lot of relevant material and accumulate a lot of E2RA material during the whole E2RA course - and you will get challenge to use that material in a relevant way!
  • You can expect to be challenged with calculations relevant to grants budgets, and grants post award management such as calculations associated to effort and ADR or re-budgeting situations.
  • You will become more comfortable with understanding and performing tasks relevant to grants administration from pre-award to post-award management.
  • You will get better at coordinating administrative processes associated to grants and awards
  • You will have the full support from the E2RA education manager to grow, to make some errors and learn from them and understand.
  • You will be able to better support your PIs to apply to grants, to perform their research in full compliance and to administer successful their awards

To benefit the most from the E2RA course, it's best for you to:

  • Already have a little bit of exposure to grants applications/ grants administration before starting the E2RA course.
  • Have some responsibilities associated with grants while taking the E2RA course or to be about to have these responsibilities to increase her/his engagement with the material covered during the E2RA course.
  • Have some basic math skills and excel skills before starting the E2RA course.
  • Be willing to learn new concepts and new skills. The E2RA course will challenge you to be engaged into learning, into practicing activities, and into using a large set of information to solve problems and exercises.
  • Know you can be attentive during remote sessions


When attending the E2RA course remote, you are expected to:

    • Arrive on time and have your camera ON during the Zoom live sessions - even if your hair is messy!
    • Always arrive prepared with your preparatory work done as expected before the session: it can be a reading assignment, or watching video or prepare an exercise or answer some questions.
    • Be focused during the live E2RA sessions
    • Do your best to NOT engage in other activities (emails, Facebook…) even if it can be tempting.
    • Participate to all polls during sessions and answer questions in the chat box if necessary.
    • Participate to the breakout rooms activities.
    • Be responsive and collaborative with your pod members for activities and homework that will need to be completed on a regular basis throughout the course.

    The Final E2RA Graduation Ceremony: 

    E2RA participants will obtain the E2RA Graduation Certificate during the Final E2RA Ceremony when they validate both the Pre-Award & Compliance module and the Post-Award module with a minimum grade of of 75/100 to the respective evaluations.

    When is the next E2RA course?

    The Summer 2021 E2RA course starts on Wednesday March 17th 2021! Register here if interested


    And let's cheer again for all previous E2RA graduates!

    Our E2RA Community is super proud of its 170 graduates!

     E2RA Fall 2020 graduation ceremony

    --> Congratulations to all Graduates from E2RA Winter 2020, E2RA Cohort #11! 

    E2RA winter 2020 graduation ceremony

    --> Congratulations to all E2RA Graduates from E2RA Fall 2019, the E2RA Cohort #10

    E2RA Fall 2019 Graduates


    Interested to attend the next E2RA course?

    The E2RA Summer 2021 course is open for enrollment at the moment!

    The Summer 2021 E2RA course starts on Wednesday March 17th 2021! Register here if interested

     Feel free to email Helene Brazier-Mitouart, Education Manager at for any questions!



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