Research Core Seminar Series

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The Research Cores Seminar Series held via Zoom highlights key services that our cutting-edge core facilities offer to assist with the critical advances in biomedical research. This series is geared towards research investigators, postdocs and students who are interested to see how services provided by the WCM Institutional Cores can play a major role in their biomedical research.

Upcoming Seminars

Ava-Seq, a Method for Protein-Protein Interaction Mapping in the WCM-Qatar Genomics Core

WCM-Qatar Genomics Core

Presented by:

Dr. Joel Malek, Ph.D.

Director, Genomics Core at WCM-Q

Dr. Stephanie Ramadan, Ph.D.

Research Associate

Tuesday, December 12th, 2023

9:30 – 10:30 AM EST

5:30 - 6:30 PM AST


 Please be sure to log into zoom via SSO

This session will focus on the WCM-Qatar Genomics Core's method for mapping protein-protein interactions using next-generation sequencing technologies like Illumina and Oxford Nanopore. This approach allows for detailed analysis at both the protein domain level and broader studies involving hundreds of proteins. The session will cover case studies in cancer pathway analysis, the impact of SNPs on protein interactions, and target discovery in infectious diseases, highlighting the system's broad application in biomedical research. Additionally, information will be provided on how researchers can access this technology through collaboration or as a service.

Past Seminars


Mohammad Mansour, MBA