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Invented at Cornell University, VIVO is a researcher profile system and networking tool that enables collaboration among scientists across all disciplines. The primary goal of VIVO is to offer faculty and researchers a polished and accurate web presence.

Users can search people, departments, courses, grants and publications. VIVO ensures that data comes only from authoritative sources and that your list of authored journal articles, including those from previous affiliations, is accurate and complete.

Having accurate metadata allows you to: attract funders, find collaboration opportunities, and receive credit for your activities.

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  • Who is on VIVO?

    At present, VIVO includes all faculty with a Weill Cornell appointment as well as postdoctoral associates or fellows with a primary affiliation at Weill Cornell. In a future release, we plan to create VIVO profiles for graduate students. To have a VIVO profile, users must have an active faculty appointment. To edit a VIVO profile, users must have an active CWID.

  • Can I opt out of VIVO?

    No. All Weill Cornell appointed faculty and researchers as well as postdoctoral associates or fellows with a primary affiliation at Weill Cornell have a VIVO profile in an effort to enhance research collaboration and promote Cornell's mission. Further, we encourage profiled people to enhance their profiles with richer data (if they choose).

    If we are mistaken and you are no longer associated with the medical college, the listing will be removed.

    For more help on VIVO visit:

  • If I am a member of the faculty, why am I not listed in VIVO?

    Anyone with an active Weill Cornell Medical College faculty appointment should be listed in VIVO. If you do not see yourself in VIVO, please contact the ITS SmartDesk located in the library at 1300 York Avenue, or contact User Support at 212-746-4878.

  • How do I edit my profile?

    Click on the login button located in the top right corner of the VIVO site: 

    Enter your center-wide identifier (CWID) and password. Your CWID is the same as your email login.

  • Can I log in to VIVO from outside the campus network?

    Yes, if you are off-campus, you can log in from outside the campus network.

  • How can I change some data in my profile?

    If your data is incorrect, contact Check the sources for the origin of a given piece of data.

  • How do I search?

    Type any phrase in the search box and click "Search." To filter your search results, use the right hand text box, located where VIVO lists the "types" of things it has found -- (i.e., people, organizations, articles, research disciplines, etc.)

  • How can I fix inaccurate or incomplete data?

    We apologize for any inconvenience. Showing the most accurate information is important to us. Please contact Support at or call 212-746-4878

  • How do I browse information in VIVO?

    All information in VIVO is organized by types. The types of things can be seen on the VIVO index page. Click "Index" in the VIVO banner at the top of any page to visit the VIVO index. Information in the index is organized into broad headings -- people, organizations, research, grants, activities, courses, events, and locations. Under each heading are the types of entities stored in VIVO. Clicking on an entity type will produce a list of the entities. Clicking on any of the entities in the list will take you to the entity. Browsing works across all types of information stored in VIVO.

    On any page in VIVO you will see numerous links to other information. You can follow these links to browse information:

    • from a department to people in the department
    • from people to their papers
    • from their papers to their co-authors
    • from the co-authors to other departments
  • Do I have to log in to search VIVO?

    No. Anyone can search VIVO. You only need to log in to VIVO to edit information.

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