Research Concierge

Establish a Research Website

ITS Web Communications provide a standardized solution for building on-brand, professional faculty lab websites quickly with minimal efforts to the research lab.


Researchers are encouraged to utilize VIVO, Cornell’s research profile system and networking tool, which enables collaboration between disciplines and allows a summary of research work.

Research Visibility Dashboard

Faculty and Departmental Administrators can now access grant activity in a user-friendly format to track and monitor sponsored account activity.

Reagent, Equipment & Data Sharing

WCM researchers are encouraged to publicize the availability of gently used/unused equipment or reagents available in their laboratories prior to disposal, recycling or expiration of those items.

WCM Supply Center

WCM researchers can now have on the spot access to many of their molecular & protein biology reagents, cell culture, qPCR reagents, etc., by setting up an account and visiting the supply center units on the 18th floor of the Belfer research building. Here is the list of commonly stocked items.

Indirect Costs & Fringe Benefit Rates

WCM provides assistance with negotiating budgets and informing sponsors of the associated costs.