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The Office of Sponsored Research Administration supports the WCM research community by helping WCM faculty find and pursue viable research opportunities and manage their awards from inception to closeout. OSRA serves as the liaison between Principal Investigator(s) (PIs) and Sponsors so our researchers can focus their time and talent on science. The team liaises closely with Grant Accounting, JCTO, University Counsel, CTL, IRB, IACUC, EHS, Conflicts Management Office and Research Compliance departments.

In addition to shaping institutional policy to promote and protect faculty research and creativity OSRA is responsible for the following activities:

  • Facilitate pre-award activities on behalf of Principal Investigators
    • Proposal review & submission
    • Just-in Time (JIT) requests
    • Notice of award processing and activation
    • Incoming and outgoing Subaward requests
  • Authority to review, approve, and submit grant and contract proposals on behalf of WCM
    • Award maintenance activities
    • Ensure awards maintain compliance with regulatory agencies
    • Submission of progress reports with institutional approval
  • Review and submit actions requiring sponsor prior-approval
    • Extensions with & without funding
    • Changes in scope of work
    • Significant changes of effort
    • Foreign and/or New key Collaborators
    • Pre-award spending (based on sponsor-specific guidelines)
    • Restricted carry-forward
    • Grant Transfers (incoming and outgoing)