The Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA) falls within Research Business Operations at WCM. The office is made up of four different teams who provide support to faculty, staff, and students in their efforts to secure and grow sponsored research funding. The teams include Grants, Industry Contracts, Operations, and Subawards. 

Grants Team

The Grants team provides support to WCM faculty and administrators for pre-award and non-financial post-award management of sponsored project proposals and awards. This includes ensuring successful and timely proposals submissions, facilitating grant transfers, reviewing, and submitting Just-in-Time documents, progress reports, and closeout materials. The team serves as subject matter experts on grant policies and standard operating procedures.

Industry Contracts Team

The Contracts Team is responsible for the review and approval of sponsored and non-sponsored agreements, i.e., MTAs, DUAs and CDAs, for basic science research projects funded by industrial sponsors, non-profits, and other extramural research. Contracts Specialists carefully review the terms and conditions of the agreements under its purview for consistency with the Institution's academic principles, the academic freedom of WCM researchers, and concurrent obligations to existing funding agencies.

Operations Team

The Operations team is responsible for post-award sponsored research administration (non-financial), and for the integrity of data stored Weill Research Gateway (WRG) for reporting purposes. The team prepares and analyzes scheduled and ad-hoc reports, including dashboards and metrics reports that monitor and guide performance. These data inform planning and strategic initiatives. The team evaluates incoming award documentation prior to account creation and performs annual WBS account compliance desk reviews of non-competitive continuations. Operations reviews and approves financial transactions on sponsored research accounts. 

Subawards Team

The Subawards Team is responsible for establishing outgoing subaward agreements for collaborative grant awards where a portion of the scope of work is being assigned outside WCM to a Consortium Site. The Subawards Specialists work directly with the investigators, department staff, and external collaborators to manage, develop, negotiate, and execute outgoing subawards. They also oversees the review, negotiation, and execution of all incoming subaward agreements.

Office of Sponsored Research Administration

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