Research Business Management: Our Services


RBM is committed to providing streamlined faculty facing operational support to departments and labs in the Weill Cornell Research Community. 

Departmental Operations

The RBM team is staffed to provide administrative services to support day to day operations and financial oversight. Positions under this model include an Administrative Manager, Financial Coordinator, Executive Assistant to the Chair, and Grant Portfolio Manager assigned to research labs. In most cases, RBM works with new clients to take on management of existing departmental staff and incorporate them into our service model.

Department level services include:  

  • Development and implementation of annual operating budget
  • Account monitoring, allocations, transaction approvals and forecasting
  • Academic and non-academic hiring, appointments, and staff management
  • Event planning and symposia support
  • Space and equipment management

 A full overview of positions and responsibilities can be found here: RBM Department Support

Sponsored Research Support

RBM staffs a robust team of Grant Portfolio Managers available to support pre and post award sponsored research operations within research labs. With a fluid structure, RBM supports research activity within entire centers, research departments and divisions, and in some cases individual research labs within a department. In all cases we partner closely with Chairs and Departmental Leadership to develop an effective and transparent infrastructure. The RBM team owns and manages its core service offerings while providing departments with regular reports on sponsored research activity.

Research Portfolio services include: 

  • Initiation, development and submission of all grant applications and contracts
  • Budget development for all research proposals
  • Effort tracking and oversight
  • Account setup and salary allocations for research personnel on grant accounts
  • Award management, compliance oversight and progress/financial reporting
  • Lab discretionary account management