The Logistics section of Husbandry and Operations was created to handle the receiving and transferring of animals by trained personnel, provide oversight and maintenance of the individually ventilated animal holding racks and maintain equipment at offsite storage.

Assigned at each RARC facility, the Logistics, Transport, and Specialized Services (LTSS) Technicians house and transfer investigators’ animals (large and small) and maintain racks working in conjunction with the management that oversees management of the facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What if I can’t find my animals?
    Check the automatic email you received on the day the animals arrived and were housed in the holding room. It will give you the room and rack location where your animals were housed. If you still cannot find your animals, emailRARC_Logistics@mskcc.org for assistance.
  • When will my animals be in the room?
    Your animals are always housed the same day they arrive from the vendor. The exact time will vary depending on circumstances. An email will be sent through EnCCoMPass and eTransfer that will alert you when your animals are housed.
  • How do I order animals with EnCCoMPass?

    Check out this Instructions Sheet. Check out this Tutorial.

     Online Resources

    1. EnCCoMPass - EnCCoMPass is a suite of integrated applications developed by the Center of Comparative Medicine and Pathology (CCMP) in concert with SKI Computing that will facilitate and streamline many of your interactions and transactions with both the Research Animal Resource Center (RARC) and the IACUC.  This includes modules for animal ordering to replace eAnimal as well as a new Transfer module which replaces eTransfer.  EnCCoMPass will allow you to complete many processes from your workstation, offsite, or cage side using a using a web-connected device.   
    2. Large Animal Transportation Request Form

    For more information, please email the Logistics Program at RARC_Logistics@mskcc.org