Both available for the summer!

To the WCM Research Community, 

The WCM IRB began a partnership with the Biomedical Research Alliance of NY (BRANY) in December 2021 to implement BRANYplus, a temporary program to review initial submissions of proposed research studies. Due to the positive feedback on this program, BRANYplus is now being extended at least through the summer. We will provide an update on the BRANYplus end date in future communications.

With the WCM IRB continuing to increase the effectiveness of our local processes and resources, we are also reopening the WCM IRB to the submission of new studies on June 6. At that time, you may submit new studies to either the WCM IRB or the BRANY IRB based on your preference.  Should you prefer submitting to the WCM IRB prior to June 6, please email Sarah Leon, Assistant Director for IRB Operations, at    

As a reminder, any studies currently with BRANY as part of the BRANYplus initiative will remain with BRANY for the lifecycle of the research project.

The WCM IRB has also undergone significant changes in our internal processes and communication efforts to better serve the WCM research community, resulting in

  • a decrease in IRB turnaround times for submissions in WRG  
  • clearance of IRB backlog  
  • creation of the Human Research Protection Operations (HRPO) team to monitor, assess and improve our processes

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about continuing to use BRANYplus or returning to the WCM IRB.


Melissa A. Epstein, PhD, MBE, CIP
Executive Director, Human Research Protection & Compliance
T: 646.962.8200 (Main)