BRANYplus Extended through Fall 2022!

We previously announced the availability of BRANYplus through Summer 2022; you can read that announcement from Melissa Epstein, Executive Director, here.

Welcome to the BRANYplus Resources page - a training and information hub for the WCM research community.

Beginning in December 2021, the WCM IRB has partnered with the BRANY IRB to have them review new research studies under a process called “BRANYplus”Due to the positive feedback the program has received, BRANYplus is now being extended through at least the fall of 2022. At this time, you may submit new studies to either the WCM IRB or the BRANY IRB based on your preference.

This partnership continues to allow us to: 

  • Increase the effectiveness of the WCM IRB review processes and resources
  • Speed up review times for new submissions 
  • Speed up the review process for new submissions on existing studies (e.g., amendments and continuing reviews) at the WCM IRB 
  • Facilitate and expedite communication between the research community and the WCM IRB (because staff will be reviewing fewer submissions on a daily basis)  

As a reminder, any studies currently with BRANY as part of the BRANYplus initiative will remain with BRANY for the lifecycle of the research project.  

For questions about continuing to use BRANYplus or returning to the WCM IRB, please contact us at

BRANYplus Submission Roadmap

BRANYplus Submission Roadmap

  • Step 1: Submit a BRANYplus Request Form

    • Reviewed by Reliance Team
    • Call with PI and study team to review process
    • Confirmation study falls under BRANYplus process
    • Provide research team the BRANYplus start-up package:
      • Reliance memo
      • Training guide
      • Access form
  • Step 2: Submit an Intake form in WRG

    • Non-WCM application type
  • Step 3: Submit to PRMC for review

    • Submit to the PRMC from Oncore
      • For cancer studies, the existing DMT & PRMC process continues to be required
      • PRMC approval is required and must be completed prior to WRG acknowledgement in step 5
      • For WCM Investigator-initated studies, PRMC approval is required and must be completed prior to submission to BRANY
      • PRMC will be accounted for in SASP
  • Step 4: Submit to BRANY IRB 

    • PI and Key personnel accesing IRBManger must request user access via the BRANY User Access Form 
    • ABRANY team and Reliance Team available for training
  • Step 5: Submit an initial submission form in WRG after BRANY approval 

    • Include BRANY approved study documents and approval letter
    • Abbreviated review by Reliance Team:
      • Personnel training
      • COI
      • ICF 
    • Acknowledgment letter issued

BRANY IRB Guides and Resources


IRB Reporting Requirements

Please see the PI Information SheetBRANY website, & BRANY IRB’s full SOP for instructions on IRB reporting, including SAEs, deviations, and immediate reports. Reports should be made using BRANY’s Reportable Event Form, which is available as an xForm, or electronic submission form, through BRANY IRB’s IRBManager web portal (link to IRB Manager login)

Researchers can also assess these documents through IRB Manager’s home page under “Useful Links”:

For more information on BRANYplus, visit our FAQs page