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BRANYplus Extended Through Summer 2022

In response to the overwhelming positive feedback on the BRANYplus process and time to approval for new submissions, we are happy to announce the continuation of the program at least through the summer of 2022.

“It’s so easy”

“There might be a few more steps,
but time to approval is so fast”

We are so pleased you found it so helpful, and are happy to extend BRANY
plus availability.  This will allow us to continue our behind-the-scenes improvement efforts while providing you, our valued research community with the service you need. 


Are there any studies that cannot go to BRANYplus?

Yes. If you are conducting an industry-initiated or -sponsored trail AND your industry sponsor has designated a commercial IRB (e.g., WCG, Advarra, et al.), then you MUST submit to that designated IRB

Are there any studies that MUST go to BRANYplus?

Yes, there are several:

  • If you are conducting an industry (including DoD)-initiated or -sponsored trail AND your industry sponsor has NOT designated a commercial IRB then you must submit to BRANY
  • Any and all studies involving prisoners
Are there any studies that MUST go to the WCM IRB?

No. Aside from an industry-initiated/-sponsored trial with a designated commercial IRB, you can submit any study to BRANYplus!

Is the WCM IRB accepting any submissions?

Yes*. We are happy to process the following submissions for:

  • NIH Just-in-time studies
  • FDA studies: Single patient expanded access device or drug studies; Emergency use authorization studies; Humanitarian use device studies
  • Genomic data sharing studies

*While the WCM IRB overall turnaround time has greatly improved, please note that BRANYplus continues to offer faster turnaround times

 Please contact us at with any questions
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Conducting research supported by the Department of Defense (DoD)

Human research supported by the Department of Defense (DoD) is subject to the Common Rule. However, because of the DoD culture, organizational structure, and population, DoD Directive 3216.02 lays out additional requirements that also apply. These requirements are designed to address risks unique to DoD personnel that differ from civilians both in the conduct of research and in participation in research (e.g., deployment, personal conduct standards, and duty to report certain personnel actions). The procedures outlined in this SOP ensure that WCM research supported by the DoD complies with all DoD regulations governing human research.

Please read the full policy issued by our office to describe requirements to conduct human research supported by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) here: 

Policy 300.1 Research Supported by the Department of Defense

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In an effort to align our institutional policies with regulatory requirements while minimizing administrative burdens on both the institution as well as research teams, the WCM IRB will now require CITI certifications to be renewed every three years. Please make sure you communicate this change with your team members and ensure that everyone is up to date on their certifications.

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