OSRA Standard Operating Procedures

OSRA will post new and updated SOPs below as they are released to the community via the OSRA-updates listserv. Please email grantsandcontracts@med.cornell.edu to be added to OSRA-updates or with any questions or concerns.

Submitting a Competitive Grant Application for OSRA Review (OSRA 0002)Adobe PDF
Sponsor Pre-Funding "Just in Time" Requests (OSRA 0003)Adobe PDF
OSRA Grant Application Review and Submission (OSRA 0004)Adobe PDF
Submitting a Progress Report for OSRA Review (OSRA 0005)Adobe PDF
eRA Commons Account Creation (OSRA 0006)Adobe PDF
Electronic Routing Form Review and Approval (OSRA 0007)Adobe PDF
Incoming Subawards (OSRA 0008)Adobe PDF
Processing a Notice of Award (OSRA 0009)Adobe PDF
Petty Cash Reimbursement on Grants (FINC0001)Adobe PDF
Outgoing Subawards (OSRA0010)Adobe PDF
NIH Continuous Submission (OSRA0011)Adobe PDF
Revenue Classification Determination (OSRA0012)Adobe PDF