Cell and Animal Irradiation

The irradiation core is capable of a wide range of radiation dose rates for a variety of purposes such as cell suspensions, animal tumors, and other partial body irradiations.


The Rad Source Technologies RS 2000 Biological Research X-ray Irradiator is designed for the irradiation of small animals, cells, tissue, and other research purposes. The RS 2000 is a self-contained unit that provides 160kV operation at 25mA and uses a simple touch screen for easy programming. The dose rate delivered to an animal cage is ~110 rads/min (110cGy/min), and the dose uniformity exceeds 95%. Due to the dose uniformity, animals are free to move about in the animal cage during irradiation. For cell and tissue work, a movable shelf allows for dose rate adjustment from 800 to 1,200 rads/min (8-12 Gy/min) using unfiltered radiation. Typically for well plates and similar items, the average dose rate is 1,000 rads/min (10 Gy/min) with a 20.5 cm diameter field.


The Irradiation Core is located in the BRB animal research center and available 24/7 to researchers after initial training in procedures and equipment.  For training and access please sign-up through iLabs.  For more information contact Mike Zgaljardic or Chris Saganich; 646-962-4567.

Contact Information

Core Contact: Michael Zgaljardic and Chris Saganich

Email: Chs2018@med.cornell.edu

Phone: 646-962-4567

Lab Hours

After initial training:

Access 24/7