Metabolic Phenotyping

The Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MPC) offers an extensive range of services for comprehensive metabolic phenotyping in the mouse.

Ambient temperature and light-controlled Promethion metabolic cages assess oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production as well as activity, body weight and food and water intake in real time. An additional ambient temperature and light-controlled incubator is available for longer term temperature exposure studies. Lean and fat mass can be quantified via EchoMRI, radiative heat with FLIR infrared thermography and food absorption efficiency using oxygen bomb calorimetry of feces. 

Complementing these analyses, whole body glucose metabolism can be assessed via glucose, insulin and pyruvate tolerance tests as well as glucose stimulated insulin secretion. To further investigate hepatocellular biology we now offer primary hepatocyte isolations.

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Core Contact: David E. Cohen , M.D., Ph.D.


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