WCM Core Laboratories Center (CLC)

Core Facilities


Current and emerging biomedical technologies present exceptional opportunities for novel and creative research with the potential for breakthrough discoveries.  To support such research efforts, the Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) Core Laboratories Center (CLC) offers a coordinated array of cutting-edge biomedical technologies, expertise in their applications, technology testing and development, educational workshops, and training and consultation to the university's research community and to outside investigators. 

The Center currently has core facilities that provide resources and services for genomics and epigenomics, proteomics and metabolomics, flow cytometry, imaging (e.g., confocal microscopy, multiphoton, electron microscopy, optical CT, ultrasound, MRI, and PET), nuclear magnetic resonance, and synthetic chemistry.

Additional core facilities are expected soon.  The mission of the CLC is to promote biomedical research with advanced technologies in a shared resource environment.  Implementation of high-end biotechnologies with multi-disciplinary support in a core facility center enables cost-effective access and broad-based use of these technologies, with high impact results. 

The resources and services of the CLC are open to all investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University and Cornell-affiliated institutions.  The Center also provides services to external investigators at both academic institutions and commercial enterprises.  The CLC supports many local, national and international collaborations.  With a concentration of advanced biotechnologies and a broad investigator user base, the CLC is a dynamic hub for biomedical research.


Links to More Information

For more information about all CLC services and pricing, to register as a user of any CLC core facility, to submit samples and/or to schedule use of instruments, please go to the WCM iLab portal at http://wcmc.corefacilities.org.


Contact Information

The Weill Cornell Medicine Core Laboratories support investigators by providing assistance and training on specialized instrumentation, experimental design and data analysis. Each core has a unique expertise and the capabilities of the cores are reflected in the scientific interests of the Core Directors. For more information on the services, costs and resources provided by each Core, please contact the Core Directors directly. Their contact information can be found as listed by Core on the Weill Cornell Medicine’s Core Facilities website.