Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPRs)

Annual RPPR

The Annual RPPR is used to describe to NIH a grant’s scientific progress, identify significant changes, report on personnel, and describe plans for the subsequent budget period or year (if applicable). Submission of the RPPR is required in order for the next year of funding to be released by NIH.

Due Dates

  • Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (SNAP) RPPRs are due approximately 45 days before the next budget period start date.
  • Non-SNAP RPPRs are due approximately 60 days before the next budget period start date.
  • OSRA sends RPPR reminders to Principal Investigators and their delegates via a WRG Action Item notification 60 days in advance of the due date.

What is SNAP?

SNAP includes a number of provisions that simplify award management, including progress and financial reporting. SNAP eligible awards do not require annual budgets in their progress reports or annual financial reports. Check section III of your notice of award (NOA) to determine if your award is SNAP eligible. 

Submission Process

All RPPRs are submitted via the eRA Commons. Only the PI or their delegate can initiate RPPRs in the eRA Commons. 
Below are the steps for the submission process:
1. OSRA sends Progress Report reminder notification via WRG Action Item to the PI and their delegate(s). 
2. The PI and/or their delegate prepare the RPPR in the eRA commons and route to OSRA via eRA Commons once ready. All RPPRs should be routed to Aleta Gunsul as the Signing Official for WCM. 
3. Each OSRA Grants Specialist will log into eRA Commons to review RPPRs for their designated departmental assignments.
a. If changes are required, OSRA will provide feedback to PI and their delegate via WRG Action Item. The PI and/or delegate can then route RPPR back to OSRA for review.
b. If no changes are required, OSRA will confirm approval to submit RPPR to NIH with the PI and/or delegate.
4. OSRA provides submission confirmation of the RPPR to PI and their delegate.


Click here to review OSRA’s full Standard Operating Procedure on Progress Report submissions.

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