Compliance & Integrity

The Office of Research Integrity is dedicated to providing exemplary service, oversight, support, and educational training in matters relating to Research Integrity in the conduct of human, animal, and basic scientific research, as partners with the academic and biomedical research community at Weill Cornell Medicine, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, and its collaborating institutions and organizations.

PDF icon Research Integrity Policy

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Learn about the IRB and access information on how to submit protocols to the IRB.

Navigating The Clinical Study Evaluation Committee (CSEC) and the IRB

Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar (WCMC-Q) Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Learn about studies that involve collaboration between WCMC-NYC and WCMC-Q.

Conflicts Management Office

Learn more about NIH, FDA and WCM conflicts policies, and how to submit a Conflicts Survey, Study Specific Report, Travel Survey or External Entities Certification.

Intranet Resources

Forms and other information can be accessed on the following intranet pages.

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