Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

All WCMC investigators who intend to perform research involving human embryonic stem cells must submit notification to the Tri-Institutional ESCRO Committee. This requirement applies to all HESC research, regardless of the funding sources. 

ESCRO Submissions:

New Protocol Submissions: 

Annual Progress Reports: Annual reports are due on the anniversary of ESCRO approval, or the submission deadline for ESCRO submisions, whichever is sooner.  

Annual Progress Reports

Amendment Submissions: Amendments are currently submitted using the Tri-Institutional ESCRO Amendment Form.  Submit all forms to

For more information on Tri-Institutional ESCRO, visit the Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research website.


Aileen Orpilla, CCRC, CCRP

WCM ESCRO Administrator

Alavy Sos, M.S.

Director, Human Research Protection & Compliance
(646) 962-4061