ETRA Helpful Documents

Research Compliance and Research Administration Checklist - There is a new version brewing that wil come out SOONISH !!!

Pre-Award Administration

Post-Award Administration

  • Awards Setup and Monitoring:

File E2RAchecklist_WBS_set_up_and_monitoring-may2019.xlsx

  • Support to complete ADRs:
  1.  File1-Look_at_dr_fantastico-grants-winter_2017.xlsx
  2. PDF icon  2-_Look_at_the_adr_for-_dr_fantastico-winter_2017.pdf
  3. File3-E2ra_tips_to_verify_your_ADR_before_sending_it_to_budget_and_financial_planning.docx
  4. Really HELP ME WITH MY ADRs!!! 
  5. Filehelp_me_with_my_adr-guidelines_and_excel_table-etraoffice-september_2019.xlsx


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