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Establish a Lab Website

We'll help you get your lab website created.

Step 1: Opening a ticket 

Please open a Web Maintenance ticket through JIRA and include:

1) The name and CWID of the Lab Director (faculty member) 

2) Whether or not you plan to enter the content yourself, or will need assistance from Web Communications to do it

Step 2: Creating content  

Your lab website should include all necessary information about your lab, from details about lab projects and publications to a directory of your lab members.

There are two options to complete the content development portion of the site:

Option 1) Building the site yourself.

After we create an editable version of your site, we’ll also create an editor-level account for the staff member you designate as the editor. They can use the tutorials below to help set up the individual pages.

Step-by-Step Guides:

Option 2) Assisting Web Communications in content writing.

Content will be transmitted through this JIRA ticket and implemented by the Web Communications team. This work is billable at our standard rate of $100/hr; we expect that depending on the amount of content, this may take anywhere from 5-15 billable hours for a given lab.

Once all the content is in, JIRA sends an alert. Then we'll go into our final steps to launch.

Step 3: Going live

Web Communications will review the site to ensure that it meets institutional standards for go-live. New lab websites are assigned a domain name of at no cost. Lab websites that are moving to the new system that have existing .com/.org domain names can be set to redirect over to the new domain (fees may be incurred). 

The Lab Website Distro is intended to be a fixed design. While imagery and some layout changes can be made in the body of the page, all sites will match approved Weill Cornell branding.

Once we receive a hosting form and the site clears the go-live checklist, it is accessible to the public. You can then manage the site independently, or consult ITS for assistance as needed.