ETRA Learning Series

  • Advanced Financial Management of Awards Module (AFMA)

ETRA is pleased to announce the official launch of the Advanced Financial Management of Awards Module (AFMA). The AFMA series covers the following topics in a series of 4 sessions of 3 hours that will allow each participant to work on post award financial management of grants and funds.

Each participant will be actively working at a computer in case studies on excel templates specially designed for that purpose and will have the opportunity to manipulate data an dvarious information on his/her own.

Participants will get great excel templates to keep with them and work with at the office.

Sessions # 1 and #2 : Monitor and Reconcile your PI’s Portfolio (multiple WBS Accounts and multiple funds) & Prepare a monthly financial report for that PI’s Portfolio.

Session # 3: Building a 12 month-rolling budget when a new grant comes in a research lab.

Session # 4: Projection & forecasting principles to define a laboratory financial situation for the next 3 years.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is a pre-requisite that participants should have a very good understanding of grants budget, change of funding calculations, mandatory cost sharing, effort tracking, salary calculations, calculations relevant to sub-award, IDC calculations and stewardship financial responsibilities in post award.

Typically, participants of the E2RA Advanced course are ready for the AFMA course. If you didn't take the Advanced E2RA course, please give a call to Helene Brazier-Mitouart to discuss or email her at

Seats for the AFMA series are limited to 10. So don't wait and save your spot now.

The next AFMA series should be starting in Januray or February 2020.

All sessions will be held at the Library Computer room at 1300 York Avenue.

--> If you are interested to attend the AFMA series, please email to save your spot!!



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