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NYP-WELCOME (NYP-Weill Cornell Medicine Employees) COVID-19 Clinical Research Study


We are inviting all NYP-WCM employees to participate in a prospective cohort study of asymptomatic healthcare workers to study COVID-19. The study aims at generating an annotated specimen repository during the current pandemic. By collecting clinical information and biospecimens (blood, nasal swabs, stool and urine) from our community of NYP-Weill Cornell employees we can generate a unique clinical and tissue database for our scientists to study the pandemic. The participation in this study is completely voluntary and is a way for each of us to be part of the solution to COVID-19.

While many studies of COVID-19 patients are ongoing in the US and worldwide, there is a lack of precise understanding of the clinical and biological response to the pandemic. Studying asymptomatic individuals over time during the COVID-19 pandemic may enable the investigators of this study to better understand the disease. Specifically, by studying the clinical course of asymptomatic healthcare workers during the COVID -19 pandemic we can learn about how they each react to potential exposure to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for COVID-19). Through this study, investigators at Weill Cornell Medical College- New York Presbyterian Hospital hope to learn more about this virus, how it affects infected individuals, how recovered individuals develop an immune response and memory to the viral infection. The information derived  may help us, in the future, to better treat subjects who are infected.


The study hopes to enroll 1,000 subjects, and the main site is at Clinical Translational Science Center (CTSC F-260). Other sites of accrual and specimen acquisition will also open at Lower Manhattan, Queens and New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital (BMH). Each site will be distinct from “fever clinics” and will assure maximum confidentiality and privacy to study subjects.

If you elect to take part in the study, we will collect and store specimen samples from you. These samples may include, but are not limited to, three extra blood tube for research (10 ml or two teaspoons each) added to your clinical blood draw (for antibody testing) and a nasal swab. We will also collect a sample of saliva, stool, and urine. Samples will be collected every 2 weeks for the first 3 months and once a month for the next 21 months.

At every one of the 27 visits we will ask participants to complete 3 brief questionnaires for assessing the participants’ health status and quality of life. Each visit will not last beyond 20 minutes. Every possible effort to maintain confidentiality of the information acquired will be in place. Under no circumstances will your employer and/or supervisor receive information from us about you, or about any part of your role in this study (clinical, specimen results or questionnaire results).

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