Postdoctoral Trainees

Postdoctoral scholars are critical members of interdisciplinary and translational science teams engaged in groundbreaking research taking place at Weill Cornell Medicine. The postdoctoral training period exposes trainees to opportunities that develop their scholarly competence, establish their publication portfolios, and advance their research skills. Trainees collaborate with senior faculty mentors who devise a rigorous and engaging program for postdoctoral trainees to ensure that they acquire the necessary professional experience, mentoring, and networking opportunities to achieve independence in their research career pursuits and to be competitive in the job market.

Weill Cornell is committed to creating a dynamic and enriching environment for our postdoctoral trainees.

A revamped Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website is forthcoming. In the interim, current and prospective postdoctoral trainees may visit the existing Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website for more information.

Weill Cornell faculty members are encouraged to publicize postdoctoral opportunities in their departments by submitting them here. Interested and qualified candidates may inquire via the listed email address. 

Faculty Member name Faculty / Department Link to Job Description
Anthony Sauve, Ph.D. Pharmacology
Derek S. Tan, Ph.D. Pharmacology
Paraskevi Giannakakou, Ph.D. Pharmacology
Ronald Crystal, M.D. Department of Genetic Medicine
Baran A. Ersoy, Ph.D. Department of Medicine
Cary Reid M.D., Ph.D., and Holly Prigerson, Ph.D. Department of Medicine
Julie Magarian Blander, Ph.D. Department of Medicine
Diane Felsen, Ph.D.
Marcelo Nociari, Ph.D.
Arleen Rifkind, M.D. Pharmacology