E2RA Course

E2RA stands for Education & Excellence for Research Administrators.

E2RA is the first educational program in Research Administration launched at Weill Cornell Medicine in the Spring 2016. The E2RA course is a fantastic opportunity for professional development in Research Administration at WCM. The E2RA course covers essential aspects of research administration related to Pre-Award & Compliance and Post Award, as well an overview of Human Subjects Research at WCM.

The E2RA course supports grants administrators and research managers who work in Pre-Award and/or Post Award administration at WCM and who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge and their portfolio of skills in these areas.

E2RA Objectives
  • Provide a comprehensive presentation of essential responsibilities related to grants that fall under research administrators’ preview, from pre-award to post award.
  • Offer a robust understanding of how administrative responsibilities should be handled at WCM and a hands-on practice of real cases situations.
  • Support research administrators to acquire the knowledge and the skills they need to excel in their responsibilities.
  • Contribute to increase autonomy and confidence of research administrators at work.
  • Be a learning platform for excellence among research administrators, who ultimately provide a better support to their PIs.
  • Be a unique opportunity for professional development for both new and seasoned research administrators who want to expand their responsibilities to an additional field of research administration.
  • Reward participants' efforts to learn more about grants administration and to get new skills by providing them with the E2RA Certificate of Completion  (under certain conditions) during the E2RA final ceremony.
Basic E2RA course and Advanced E2RA Course!

We now offer two great options: the Basic E2RA course (35h) and the Advanced E2RA course (50h)

  • If you want to get a general overview of the grant process from cradle to grave, know all about research sponsors, compliance, and so much more, then the Basic E2RA course is your go-to option.
  • If you want to dive deep into specific topics such as complex budgets, calculations for Change of Funding or management of PI's WBS accounts, then the Advanced E2RA course is for you. The E2RA Advanced Course includes all the E2RA Basic course sessions + additional Advanced E2RA sessions.
  • Just to clarify, the Basic E2RA runs every Tuesday and the Advanced E2RA course includes all Tuesday sessions from the Basic Course + all Thursdays sessions.

E2RA Curriculum: what are the topics covered during the course? 

The E2RA Summer 2018 course presents a Pre-Award & Compliance module and a Post-Award module. Participants can choose to participate to both modules (either Basic or Advanced), only to the Pre-Award & Compliance module (either Basic or Advanced) or only to the Post Award module (either Basic or Advanced).

 PDF iconE2RA Summer 2018-Curriculum.pdf

E2RA Summer 2018 Schedule 

 PDF icon E2RA_Summer_2018-Schedule.pdf

Just to clarify, the Basic E2RA runs every Tuesday and the Advanced E2RA course includes all Tuesday sessions from the Basic Course + all Thursdays sessions.

E2RA Registration

If you want to join the next E2RA SUMMER 2018 course that starts on June 12th, 2018, click below: 

E2RA Summer 2018 Registration Survey


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