ETRA Helpful Documents

Research Compliance and Research Administration Checklist - NEW -

Pre-Award Administration

  • Not sure if an NIH project consultant can work at Weill Cornell Medicine? If an Other Significant Contributor has to be on the budget? Check out the NIH Personnel Summary Table

Post-Award Administration

  • Awards Setup and Monitoring:
  1. Filee2ra-winter_2017-checklist_for_one_wbs_set_up_and_monitoring.xlsx
  • Support to complete ADRs:
  1.  File1-Look_at_dr_fantastico-grants-winter_2017.xlsx
  2. PDF icon  2-_Look_at_the_adr_for-_dr_fantastico-winter_2017.pdf
  3. File3-E2ra_tips_to_verify_your_ADR_before_sending_it_to_budget_and_financial_planning.docx
  4. NEW!!! HELP ME WITH MY ADR!!!  PDF iconhelp_me_with_my_adr-etra_office.pdf


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