Research Administration

Research Administration at Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) is a mission-critical component of the Office of the Vice Dean of Research and has the overall responsibility to create a supportive environment for biomedical, clinical and social scientific research discoveries. WCM Research Administration is charged with providing university management and guidance to:

  • Ensure compliance with all federal and university regulations
  • Enhance the overall productivity of members of the research community
  • Develop a standardized body of knowledge, and
  • Support and maintain best practice methodologies in research

In an ever-expanding regulatory environment, and where public accountability is of paramount importance, research administration at WCM supports investigators. WCM works to preserve public image and trust in research and to preserve academic freedom.   The service-oriented research administration functions at WCM include pre-award, post-award, compliance, conflicts of interest, animal facility, research charge center management, information technology support, and human subject research.

WCM research administrators are key partners in research. Research administrators facilitate research collaborations, compliance to federal regulations and policies, management of research projects, proposal preparation and submission, contracts negotiation, research project management, and financial management and oversight.