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Weill Cornell Medicine IRB Members are a trusted and valued group of doctors, researchers, lawyers, and community members, who are responsible for reviewing human subjects research.  These members are selected to ensure a diverse set of perspectives and expertise appropriate to the many types of research under review at our institution, and are tasked with reviewing all aspects of the research to ensure that participants' rights are protected and remain confidential.

As an IRB member you are required to read and demonstrate understanding of the IRB Member Manual, which provides detailed information about your responsibilities.  Some of the information in the IRB Member Manual is reproduced in this section of our website, but is by no means complete; for detailed information, we ask you to refer to your Member Manual.

The following resources are intended to support Members' work by providing the resources and guidance they need to evaluate the potential risks to participants, and to apply federal research regulations to the protocols they review. 

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Interested in becoming an IRB Member?

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