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DSMB Meetings and Submission Deadlines

WCM DSMB Monthly Meeting Details

Meeting DateTimeLocationSubmission Deadline
Monday, 9/17/2018 1:00 PM1305 York Avenue, Y-5328/27/2018
Wednesday, 10/17/201810:00 AM1300 York Avenue, C-6119/26/2018
Monday, 11/19/20181:00 PM1305 York Avenue,
Weill Greenburg Conference Center,
2nd floor -Room A
Wednesday, 12/19/201810:00 AM1300 York Avenue, C-61111/28/2018
Wednesday, 1/23/201910:00 AM1300 York Avenue, M-5291/2/2018
Wednesday, 2/20/201910:00 AM1300 York Avenue, M-5291/30/2019
Monday, 3/18/20191:00 PM413 East 69th St, BB 302-A2/25/2019
Wednesday, 4/17/201910:00 AM1300 York Avenue, M-5293/27/2019
Monday, 5/20/20191:00 PM413 East 69th St, BB 302-D4/29/2019
Wednesday, 6/19/201910:00 AM1300 York Avenue, M-5295/29/2019
Monday, 7/15/20191:00 PM413 East 69th St, BB 302-D6/24/2019
Wednesday, 8/21/201910:00 AM1300 York Avenue, M-5297/31/2019

For additional information about WCM DSMB meetings, locations, and deadlines, please contact us at