Biopharmaceutical Alliance Agreements

LeadershipAleta GunsulLarry Schlossman
ChargeTo facilitate the negotiation of certain sponsored and non-sponsored (i.e., MTAs) research agreements from for-profit, private industry sponsors, non-profit entities (e.g., state or federal agencies, foundation, or not-for profit institutes or alliances). These opportunities are not proactively sought by OSRA and typically involve an sponsor-initiated and sponsor-led ongoing, pre-clinical, translational research project which involves no background IP or high probability of foreground IP.To proactively market, generate and structure new opportunities for business development and translational research alliances with industry in order to maximize the participation of WCMC faculty in research collaborations with the life science and biopharma sector in connection with investigator-initiated and investigator-led, pre-clinical, innovation-driven, discovery-oriented research projects with translational potential, around which either (1) IP already exists (aka, background IP); and/or (2) which may give rise to new IP (aka, foreground IP).
Agreement Types processed by each office
  • Incoming Material Transfer Agreements
  • Industry-Sponsored (initiated) Contract Agreements, collaborative research agreements
  • Data Use agreements
  • Outgoing service agreements
  • Consulting agreements for external individuals (i.e., for non WCMC personnel)
  • BioPharma Alliance Research Collaboration Agreements
Questions/ ContactPlease contact OSRA by email for industry-initiated agreements for consultation and for incoming MTA related matters OR by telephone at (646) 962-8290Please contact Larry Schlossman at or by telephone at (212) 746-6906