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Faculty and Postdoctoral Trainees

Weill Cornell Medicine is committed to ensuring that opportunities and resources are accessible to its faculty and postdoctoral trainees to sustain WCM’s recognition as a premier institution for patient care, discovery and teaching. The WCM senior research faculty recognize the pivotal role that postdocs play in achieving research success at WCM. The success of the postdoctoral training period at WCM relies on senior research faculty to share his or her experience, research expertise, teaching and training methods, and other professional development advice to guide and enhance the postdoctoral trainee’s career trajectory.

WCM and its senior research faculty mentors are committed to:

  • Define and formulate training goals.
  • Ensure access to networking and professional development activities.
  • Help trainees acclimate to the cultural and political sensitivities of the department, college and the University.
  • Foster effective research skills and publishing strategies.
  • Refine and expand teaching strategies.
  • Foster a collaborative atmosphere, which promotes collegiality and responsible conduct of research.
  • Supply trainees with guidance to balance research, teaching and service activities.

WCM postdoctoral trainees are expected to:

  • Demonstrate initiative to define career goals and objectives.
  • Take advantage of all possible opportunities to learn about WCM and the field of research under pursuit.
  • Participate in professional networking workshops and seminars offered by the Provost and Dean's office, departments and divisions at WCM.
  • Prioritize scheduling meetings with faculty mentor.
  • Become familiar with resources available to strengthen and support teaching and research.